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Smart Irrigation System Installation in Greater Los Angeles

ASG Security is the best security service provider, with industry-leading brands like and Honeywell Home. Our smart irrigation system enables a customized watering schedule and run time.

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Benefits of Smart Irrigation System Installation

  • Water Conservation: Smart irrigation by ASG Security uses sensors and weather data to optimize watering schedules.
  • Cost Savings: By efficiently managing water usage, smart irrigation systems help reduce water bills and save money.
  • Automated Operation: Smart irrigation systems by ASG Security are programmed to operate automatically based on specific conditions.
  • Increased Property Value: Enhance the overall aesthetics of a property by maintaining an eco-friendly landscape and increasing its market value.
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring: Sensors can measure soil moisture levels, enabling the system to water only when necessary.
  • Environmental Impact: By promoting efficient water use, our smart irrigation systems contribute to environmental sustainability.
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Smart Irrigation Systems by ASG Security

Compared to a traditional irrigation controller, a smart irrigation system is unique. A traditional controller uses timers and an initial schedule to function. On the other hand, a highly sophisticated smart irrigation system automatically modifies the watering schedule based on the precise pre-determined circumstances of your watering site by monitoring weather, soil conditions, transpiration, and plant water demand.

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Other Home Automation Services by ASG Security

You need all kinds of home automation systems to make your home smart and flexible. ASG Security has all the solutions for you. So let’s see those home automation services:

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With our years of experience, we're experienced in smart irrigation systems and can create the perfect hydration system for your needs. We offer this service in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Call us today at 855-699-1819 or contact us to schedule your irrigation system installation and achieve the flourishing lawn and landscape you've always wanted!

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This is the best company to have in your home. I recently wrote a review on Google about them. I hope you all read it. My sales rep Jordan is hands down the friendliest sales person ever!!! Jesus the install tech was fast, friendly and efficient ... Read more about Kyrie S reviewRead More

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