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Flood Detection Systems in Greater Los Angeles

A reliable flood detection sensor system involves placing these wireless devices in locations prone to flooding. Near washing machines, hot water heater trays, dishwasher or ice maker lines are good areas to place them. ASG Security has these proactive devices that provide peace of mind for flood or water damage. Call us at 855-699-1819 or contact us online today to consult with a ASG flood detection expert.

flood detection device

Avoid Severe Water Damage With Our Flood Detectors in Long Beach

A flood detector or sensor detects rising water inside your home or business, warning you of impending water damage. At ASG Security, our advanced systems can help avoid or minimize heavy water damage restoration costs.

Besides reliable flood detection, we assist customers with home automation, security cameras, and interactive home security systems.

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Our Flexible Flood Detection Sensors

At ASG Security, our advanced flood detection sensors give you the following:

  • Wireless connectivity: You can get notifications from anywhere.
  • Quick notification: Immediately after any water leak you will get notifications.
  • Multi-sensor networks: For a large area users can deploy a network of flood sensors. These networks are connected providing a more comprehensive monitoring solution.
  • Customizing: Users can customize the settings and sensitivity according to their liking.
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Our Flood Detection Notifies You Quickly

    Emergency notification for flood detection is a quick and safe system. This process helps you to take quick action to mitigate the damage of flood. There are some other benefits of early notification.

  • Wireless emergency alerts (WEA): You will get immediate notifications on your smartphone and can minimize the damage.
  • Remote monitoring: This allows you to monitor your house remotely.
  • Prevent flood: After getting the flood notification, you will be able to turn off the main water supply using a water shut-off valve.

More Home Automation in Anaheim

ASG installs other home automation systems for the latest convenience and solutions that include:

Trust Us to Prevent Water Damage With Our Flood Detectors in Burbank

Floods or leaks can be common, but prevent severe water damage to your property. For the most reliable, modern flood detection sensors, call ASG Security at 855-699-1819 or contact us online to book an appointment with an ASG specialist. We assist customers in Paramount, Ontario, Atwood, Colton, and throughout Greater Los Angeles.

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