Turret Security Camera Installation in the Greater Los Angeles

At ASG Security, we specialize in installing turret security cameras. These cameras cover a wide area and can rotate and pan to suit your needs. They're a top choice for residential properties and are favored by our installers in Greater Los Angeles.

Turret cameras are effective for 24/7 video surveillance. We have a long 50 years of industry experience. Our technicians are certified and licensed. So, if you want a reliable security solution, don't be late to contact us.


Features & Benefits of Turret Camera

Turret-style dome cameras offer installation flexibility. Even these cameras are less noticeable than bullet cameras since they don't look like typical cameras. Apart from these, it provides many features. These include:

What's The Better Choice: Turret or Bullet Camera?

Choosing between bullet and turret cameras can be tricky. Turret cameras cover wider areas with their ability to move, great for big spaces. Bullet cameras are better for focusing on specific spots, like entryways. Turrets can be adjusted after installation, but bullets can't as much.

Turrets look less noticeable with their dome shape, while bullets are more traditional. It depends on what you need: if you want a wide view and flexibility, go for turrets. If you need to focus on certain areas, choose bullets.

We Install a Variety of Security Cameras

Our company is proud to offer installation services for various security cameras. We can provide indoor or outdoor surveillance. We have experience installing dome cameras, wired cameras, wireless cameras, IP cameras, and other types of cameras.

Our professional installation will ensure that your property is equipped with the best cameras for safety. Our experienced technicians can recommend and install the perfect system for your home. Call us to find out more about our security camera installation services.

Expert Residential Security Solutions in Los Angeles

ASG Security is proud to work with industry leaders, such as 2GIG Alarm.com Honeywell  Home, and AvantGuard. We partner with these prestigious names to ensure our customers get the best products and services. If you need home security and automation services in Palmdale, Santa Clarita, Lancaster, and the nearby Los Angeles area, give us a call at 855-699-1819 or click here to schedule an appointment.


What Our Customers Say

ASG System Install Went Well
Installation went well. The installer was early for the appointment after calling to see if the earlier time was okay. The installer was professional, knowledgeable and explained the functions of the system after the installation was complete... Read more about Jonathan K reviewRead More

Best Company to Have in Your Home
This is the best company to have in your home. I recently wrote a review on Google about them. I hope you all read it. My sales rep Jordan is hands down the friendliest sales person ever!!! Jesus the install tech was fast, friendly and efficient ... Read more about Kyrie S reviewRead More

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