Interactive Panel Installation in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Traditional alarm systems provide a basic level of defense but lack advanced features and real-time interaction. Whereas interactive panels offer layers of protection and advanced features to protect you and your family from burglary. 

We at ASG Security offer expert interactive panel installations that will elevate your home's security. We are a licensed & insured company and are available for residents in Long Beach, Torrance, Santa Clarita, and surrounding Los Angeles areas.

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Features of Interactive Panel

Interactive panels have become a popular choice for home security & burglary detection. So, what are the key features that make interactive panels so transformative?

  • Real-Time Monitoring: This enables you to get real-time updates.
  • Touch Screen Interface: Interactive panels offer intuitive touch-screen functionality and allow users to interact directly.
  • Two-Way Communication: You can speak directly to visitors
  • Video Surveillance: These panels typically boast high-resolution screens, providing 24/7 video surveillance.
  • Smart Home Integration: It can be integrated with your smart home technologies.
  • Remote Access & Control: You can view and control your security camera system remotely.
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How Interactive Panels Help to Detect Burglary?

Interactive panels act as your sharp eyes and ears, constantly monitoring your home for signs of intrusion. They send instant alerts, motion is detected, or cameras capture suspicious activity. This real-time awareness allows you to intervene immediately. The 2-way communication system helps significantly to check the identity of the visitors. 

Why ASG Security for Interactive Panel Installation?

Choosing the right company for your interactive panel installation is crucial. At ASG Security, we go beyond simply installing technology; we partner with you to create a customized interactive home security solution that fits your unique needs and preferences. Here's why ASG Security is your trusted partner in smart security:

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Over 50 years in the business
  • Partenred with
  • Use Honey Well Home Products
  • End-to-End Alarm Services
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Certified Technicians

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