Kwikset Smart Locks Installation in the Greater Los Angeles

ASG Security has been a leader in providing end-to-end home automation services to the Greater Los Angeles Area for over 50 years. We offer seamless installation of Kwikset Smart Locks for exceptional convenience and security in your home.

ASG Security will handle the installation of your smart locks with professionalism and care. Our experienced team is familiar with the complexities of smart lock installations, so you can expect a smooth process. We are available in Long Beach, Santa Clarita, Glendale, and surrounding areas. Contact us today if you want to install a smart and cost-effective Kwikset lock.

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Kwikset Smart Locks: Extra Layer of  Security and Convenience

You are tired of having to run back to your house to open the door for someone or worrying if you have locked it? Smart locks offer convenience and peace of mind like never before.

Remote Access

You can stay connected with your home no matter where you are. You can check your home's security status from anywhere, even if you are stuck in traffic. You can even lock and unlock your door using the smart app.

Customizable User Codes

With the ability to create up to 30 unique codes, you can easily grant access to contractors, housekeepers, babysitters, and anyone else who needs to enter your home. Plus, you can schedule specific dates and times for each code. This gives you full control over who comes into your home.

Locks Monitor

Track who is coming and going in real-time with lock activity monitoring. View your lock history and see the list of users with their codes. You will also receive alerts when someone enters your house. This level of transparency allows you to stay informed at all times and maintain your security.

In-Home Monitoring

The in-home surveillance features provide added convenience. You can dim the lights and lock the doors from your bed. You can make sure your family is safe and secure, whether you are getting ready for bed at night or leaving for the day.

A Back-Up Key is Available

Despite the convenience of smart locks, having a backup key available provides an added layer of security. In case of emergencies or technical issues, you can always rely on the traditional method of unlocking your door

Can You Install a Smart Lock on an Old Door?

Yes, you can typically install a smart lock on an older door with some considerations. Most smart locks are designed to replace existing deadbolts or locksets on standard door preparations. It makes them compatible with a wide range of doors, including older ones. Installation may require minor adjustments or additional hardware. 

However, you need to worry about all of the considerations. ASG Security will take care of these. Our highly experienced technician installs smart locks seamlessly and ensures optimal functionality.

Integrating Smart Locks into Your Smart Home Ecosystem

ASG Security integrates smart locks seamlessly into your smart home setup. Our installation experts ensure optimal functionality while integrating with your home automation system for easy control. We know being all in just one system is important. It significantly reduces the hassle. We are a licensed company and our technicians are certified. We will make sure you have a convenient smart home. Rest assured. We will handle everything.

Our Other Home Automation Services in Los Angeles

While smart locks offer a fantastic introduction to smart home living, ASG Security provides a comprehensive suite of home automation services in Los Angeles. Here's a glimpse into what we offer:

Schedule an Appointment for Smart Lock Installation

Reach out to ASG Security at 855-699-1819 to schedule your smart lock installation appointment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you in selecting the best date and time for your installation.  Once a convenient appointment time has been arranged, our skilled technicians will arrive promptly at your location to install your smart lock. We'll handle the entire installation process efficiently and professionally.


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This is the best company to have in your home. I recently wrote a review on Google about them. I hope you all read it. My sales rep Jordan is hands down the friendliest sales person ever!!! Jesus the install tech was fast, friendly and efficient ... Read more about Kyrie S reviewRead More

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