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The Benefits of Using Smart Doorbells

In an era where security is of the utmost importance, doorbell cameras are a revolutionary technical invention that provides homes with more safety and peace of mind. Smart doorbells effortlessly integrate with conventional doorbells to provide sophisticated surveillance features. In the days before smart doorbells, your only option was to glance through the peephole and hope that the unexpected guest wouldn't see or hear you. 

Smart doorbells, also known as video doorbells, are Wi-Fi-connected devices that activate when a visitor's motion sensor detects their presence or when they press the doorbell button. Real-time video recording and transmission capabilities of smart and digital doorbells have transformed home security systems and made them essential for homeowners. In this article, we are going to shed light on how smart doorbells have made our lives easier and brought benefits to homeowners. 

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How Smart Doorbell Works

A variety of parts are included with doorbell cameras to make them functional. For these cameras to function properly, they need sensors, software, and a Wi-Fi connection. When someone approaches the door, the camera’s motion sensor detects the movement and activates the camera. By doing this, the camera begins to capture the person at the door in both audio and video. In addition, the camera notifies the user's tablet or smartphone whenever the visitor rings the doorbell. 

The doorbell camera app allows users to access live video feeds, communicate with the door attendant, and save recorded footage. Some doorbells also feature night vision for clear imaging in low-light conditions and secure cloud storage for securely storing recorded videos. Doorbell cameras enhance home security by deterring criminals and identifying package thieves. They also allow homeowners to monitor their properties remotely, providing peace of mind.

Advantages of Having Smart Doorbells

There are some top advantages of having a smart doorbell for your home. Let's dive into them:

Always Know Who Is at Your Door

Whether it is a salesperson or a neighbor who lives at your doorstep, sometimes you just do not want to interact with them. Smart and digital doorbells have changed it all. After the knock of an uninvited guests at your door, you will receive a live video feed on your device so that you can decide whether to open the door. 

If you are away from your home but someone is beckoning at your front door, you will still be notified through the app. This is where technology comes to enhance your home security.

Deter Burglars from Your Home

When a crime or suspicious activity occurs, doorbell cameras offer significant video evidence that can help with investigations and improve the likelihood of identifying the offenders. Burglars prefer unoccupied homes with no security implemented. They understand that smart doorbells include video cameras and motion sensors that may record their faces and that the homeowner will be informed when someone approaches the house. So, in this case, smart doorbells are a lifesaver for the homeowners.

Evidence for Any Unexpected Crime

Smart doorbell cameras can help law enforcement detect break-ins. They monitor houses and can capture audio and video of anybody who triggers the device's motion detector. This technology has supported authorities in solving a variety of crimes, including kidnappings, car thefts, and assaults. Citizens can help identify these crimes by reviewing doorbell camera footage.

Know When Your Packages Arrive

Porch pirates, thieves who steal packages from absent owners, have become a growing issue in the US. These thieves wait for delivery people to leave packages at an owner's door and then steal the goods while no one is home. Smart doorbells can help homeowners secure their packages by notifying them of any activity on their doorsteps or front porch.

The doorbell's two-way audio capability allows homeowners to communicate with delivery personnel and request secure packaging. Call the professionals from ASG Security to prevent from any unwanted theft and save your life. 

Speak with Visitors without Sacrificing Security

The two-way communication feature enables you to answer the door without opening it. it is perfect for individuals who do not want to walk to the door or want instructions. You can even communicate with the person when you are away from home, deterring burglars and protecting children who are alone in the house. This feature benefits those who are not comfortable communicating with the person on the other side of the door.

24/7 monitoring with video doorbells

Get 24/7 Video Footage Access from Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are essential to interactive home security systems to provide real-time monitoring, remove communication, and provide visual deterrence to prevent crimes. With this feature, you can know if the people entering your house are authorized or not. Also, you can detect when your kids come to your door and if they are safe. Continuous monitoring can make your security measures easier for your daily life.

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Choose The Right Doorbell For You

Choosing the proper doorbell requires careful consideration of numerous things to ensure that it suits your requirements. Here are some essential factors to help you make an educated decision:

  • Power source
  • Installation
  • Integration
  • Mobile app
  • Brand reputation
  • Budget
  • Available customer support

Some Security Tips Using Smart Doorbell

After the professionals install your smart doorbell in front of your door, you need to take some consideration while using them. Here are some tips to maintain this important security device for your convenience:

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  • Ensure that your doorbell camera is securely installed and set up a strong and secure Wi-Fi network for your home to prevent tampering unauthorized entry.
  • Always check for updates and use two-way authentication factor to add an extra layer of security.
  • Protect your smartphone or tablet with a strong PIN, password, or biometric authentication to prevent unauthorized access to the doorbell camera app in case of loss or theft.
  • Look through the occasional video recording from your doorbell camera and delete unnecessary recordings to free up storage.
  • When utilizing your doorbell camera, respect other people's privacy. Avoid directing the camera at places that might violate on your neighbors' privacy, such as their windows or private property.

Discover The Leading Smart Doorbell Solutions from ASG Security

Smart doorbells have become an essential part of modern home security systems to amplify protection, convenience, and peace of mind. If you are looking to install a smart and video doorbell, let ASG Security be your local partner. Our team of certified experts is ready to handle the installation process, allowing you to sit back and relax on your couch. We will take care of everything. 

We offer security services for security cameras, interactive home security, and home automation to the residents of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim, Irvine, and other cities throughout the Greater Los Angeles area

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